Thursday, 3 September 2015

Twice in a lifetime.

oh i do...

That looks like a holiday photo.

It’s a photo taken in a holiday place by someone not on holiday.


But I did have a paddle.

That sounds like a holiday.

It was a moment’s respite in a black storm.

Did you step onto the pier?

No, but I did watch the fireworks at the end of the 1812 overture that was being played on the bandstand.

Were you in the bandstand?

No, I was on a bench next to the bandstand.

What were you doing?

Sharing fish and chips and a bottle of Rioja with my sis.

Do you do this often?

Twice in a lifetime.

(to be continued)

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

And who cares anyway?

don't push me, 'cos....

And what did you do there? (editorial note t)

My darling young one?

I told you – don’t push it.

Well, long story, but…


A hard rain.

Gonna fall?

It pissed down.


On me and my sis.

You were with your sis?

I was.

Was this a holiday?


(to be continued)

Sunday, 30 August 2015

What the F.

come on then...

Where’ve you been?

My blue eyed son. My darling young one?

Your eyes are not blue and I advise you not to push it.

I’ve been on the side of ten twisted mountains.


That too.

In the seven sad forests?

In the mouth of the graveyard, in the black hole.



(to be continued)

Monday, 24 August 2015

Herd it before?

by hook or by crook

That was brilliant wasn’t it!?


We should have taken a camera.

No one will believe us.

Who were all those people?

Alisa! She had the wrong clothes on for sure.

Us too.

Well, the sandals were an error.

Who was the guy with the moustache?

Nicolas, he had something to do with Alisa and probably her outfit.

Beau Peep looked cool.

She always does.

Efficient as well – I liked the thing she taught us with clapping the hands; it worked a treat.

Did you here her when she went ‘Hop, Hop, Hop!’

Did i?! You wouldn’t think that a voice that big could come out of one so small.

Antoine the shepherd was with us.


And his dog.

What was the dog’s name?


It was black.

I know, confusing huh? Dam clever though.

Understood left and right.

More than me!

Pierrot was there.

He just appeared, out of the trees, it felt like the secret service had stepped in.

His son was there too.

I didn’t recognise him, boy has he grown.

He’s taller than Pierrot.

That’s not difficult.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Spanish aside.

whatever happened to tuesday and so slow?

Can I have a quick word?


An aside.

Aside away.

I’m out of my depth.

Come again.

I’m entering unchartered waters.

What are we alluding to here exactly.

My kids.

Your kids?

That aren’t.


They’re not kids anymore.

Ok… and?

I don’t have a map.

What are you rambling on about?

Well I was a kid once….

We all were…

And I had parents.


It’s just that that’s all I have to go on and it’s so unlike whatever I have to think about today.

Is this about your daughter going to Majorca tomorrow?

Yep. She just asked me to help her hire a car because she wants to sleep in it but they don’t want to hire to under 25 year olds and she needs a credit reserve of 3000 euro and licence which isn’t clear anher driving licence is out of date because they updated them to new format ones and her’s might not have been full at the beginning anyway ‘cos they have this special apprentice driver thing going with reduced points which is over anyway but there’s something written on the licence which isn’t clear…..

You know what?


Go to bed.

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