Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Cold Bones.

all that remains

Cold bones!

I beg your pardon?

Cold bones, look at it.


The moon. It’s one of those nights.

One of what nights?

A night when you could die.

We can all die, at any time – what exactly are you alluding to?

It’s freezing!

I don’t need you to tell me this.

It’s hot in Australia.

We’re not in Australia.

Someone is.

This conversation is ridiculous.

It’s always ridiculous, that’s why we do it – it’s absurdist art.

It’s not art it’s just absurd, sunshine.

By the way – did you notice the picture of the inside of H.Q?

I did – it looks nothing like the outside. (editorial note t)

That’s because we moved.

We did, no one told me.

You were asleep.

I’d better go out and have a look around.

Be careful – you’ll catch a death. The sky is open, crystal clear. Frost lays heavy underfoot and overhead there’s a cold bones moon.

It’s almost full.

Tomorrow I believe – we have already received the Full Moon Memo from the good folk at Full Moon Info inc. It included a nice homely on the contrast in our lives between being overworked, overwhelmed and over-indulging and on the other hand never having enough time, and under-achieving.

It will kill you.

Cold Bones.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Peppi eats eggs.

in side h q

Honestly - yesterday – did you REALLY eat your Harissa Stove Baked Eggs along to Cannonball Adderley? I would have got indigestion!

No, I was listening to it whilst I was MAKING them, when it came time to sit down and tuck in I needed to change the atmosphere.

Which way did you go?

Sunday Serenity.

Is that the band or the album?

Neither – it’s the mood I was aiming for.

Did you find an appropriate soundtrack?


I thought that was your cat?

Peppi. Or Pablo  - depending on whom you ask. (editorial note t)

Ah – so who’s Pepe when he’s at home?

Mr Habichuela. The album’s called  “A Mendeli”. It’s really, really good.


I’d coco.

Can we have a listen?

Oooh, I could eat stove baked harissa eggs all day listening to that!

Here’s the recipe. (editorial note x)

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Whence of the Whensoever.

partly whence

It’s SO hard to capture it all in a photo isn’t it?

The way the sun light breaks through from the outside?

You might capture the light, but never the chill from whence it came.

Whence – that’s a nice word; one doesn’t here it much these days.

That’s a shame, a loss even.

You know – in the dictionary it’s right next to ‘whensoever’.

Another fine word.

Fine words, fine wine… how are you today?


What are you listening to?

Ah – you see, that’s why I like talking to you. You seem to understand… you just can’t capture that in the photo either, because with all of these things – the outside chill, the defiant sunshine, the lazy emptiness of the day AND the music – it constitutes a whole.

Along with the stove-baked harissa eggs that you are about to serve up I believe.


So what ARE we listening to?

Dat dere.

Cannonball Adderley – maybe we could add one of those external editorial links so that folks can listen too. (editorial note x)

They won’t be able to small the stove-baked harissa eggs though.

Can we create an olfactory link?

Some things have to remain absent; present – an influence unseen, without which little makes any sense.

Ah – you refer to the fabled three bears alluded to yesterday. If I recall you were trying to call this stuff  - dark matter. (Editorial note t).

I did, only because it had come up.

How? How can dark matter come up, and how would you know anyway?

Believe me – it does and you do; but I don’t like the name.

Dark matter?

Yes – it’s too causal.

I’m not sure what you mean by that but do you have a better name?

The whence of the whensoever.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Absent presence of Stuff.

the window to somewhere else

In the beginning was the soup; and the soup was good.

I was going to ask.

Really? About the starter?

Not just that.

Then Fish cake and the Fish Cake was good too.

You’re going to tell me the whole meal?

I thought you were asking.

I hadn’t said anything  - I was still sitting here still floating in my dream when you interrupted my swim by saying ‘in the beginning was the soup and the soup was good’ – in an overtly biblical, and somewhat annoying, way I might add.

You said you were going to ask.

No, I said ‘I was going to ask’ - but you can use reported speech if you want.

Now whose turn is it to be overtly annoying?

Did you have cheese?

Of course we had cheese! What WERE you going to ask?

Whether you spoke about dark matter.

We didn’t need to.

Didn’t need to?

It was everywhere.


The three bears.


No – oranges marinated in their own peel, I was stuffed. I think I might still be, I need to go for a run.

When you say three bears……?

Absence makes the heart go fonder.

That could explain the dream.

More dark matter.

This needs an editorial note F. (editorial note t)

Friday, 20 November 2015

The Hidden Valley.

sign post

We haven’t spoken of dark matter much recently.

This should be addressed.

You’re right! It could come up as a topic tonight over dinner.

Have you been invited out?

I have!

Where may I ask?

That would be telling.

Tell me this then - have we EVER spoken of dark matter?

That’s a good question; let me check…

How do you propose to do that?

I’ll have a look.

That won’t be easy; how will you tell if you see it?

How does anyone?

I’m not sure they do.



Yep, you see, it might not be there but it has to be because what is there wouldn’t be if it weren’t.

Hang on… there… wouldn’t…. were……er… no, you might have to give me an example.

February 2013. (editorial note t)

Ah – The Hidden Valley!

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